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Jalen Nelson is a Canadian born Stylist, Youtube Personality, and Menswear Influencer. His online presence started back in 2013 when he created shoots for himself on brick walls showing off his outfits. Jalen has since then gone on to becoming a modern day household figure with a following all over social media.


LickMyFashion sends a message inspiring people to dress outside of the box while keeping true to themselves. Letting people know that the attention may flock to you when you’re different, but exemplifying a form of talent when it comes to an outfit is what people will search in you.

When styling others, Jalen looks for an outlet that defines his client while helping them take that extra risk to push their style to the next level. Jalen’s passion for styling shows through the work of his clients, being able to make them look their absolute best at every event they attend. He's been blessed to have styled Kennedy Cymone, Ceraadi, Latoya Forever, Tyra Banks, and more!



Creative Director

Social Influencer

YouTube Personality

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